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Time Zones

 I watch as the silence of the sun settles down, tucking itself underneath the blanket of velvet stars.

Ten o’clock is still early to call it a night, but white sheets captivate my delicate frame.

It was the morning there and the sun peeked its way through ruffled curtains, and kissed his soft, brown hair.

Eleven a.m. and his mid-morning yawns collapse into whispered sighs.

I lay half-asleep, as he lay half-awake.

But he is just another constellation in my Saturday night-sky and I’m just an empty space on the right side of his mattress, Sunday morning.

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Denmark waited for me.
It waited for me
and you’ve been waiting for me
By hills colliding with sun
With wedding rings
Seduced by anticipation.

You said I was meant for you,
French countrysides
Swathed by summer
The perfect café noisette
Lemon and raspberry dacquoise
Moving from my lips
To yours
By the motion of a kiss
As you hold my chin steady
In the grip of your tender fingers.

You are where I should be—

Grazing your side
Behind closed doors
Mesmerized by hymns
You wrote
Evoked by when you
Were lost in my eyes.

You asked me to marry you
Because you love me,
You loved me from day one,
and one day
I will follow you to foreign lands
Where I will make it to you,
Still waiting for me,
At the end of the aisle.

S.L. Voss (via slvoss)

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One day, when we’re just cuddling in bed on a rainy day with nothing to do, I will muster up the courage to grab your hand and drag you outside to dance. Not because it’s what couples do in cheesy, romantic movies, but because it amazes me how gorgeous someone can be even in the most unflattering situation, such as having rain pour down on us as we trip on each other’s feet.
It May Be A Cliché, But It Still Feels Perfect // Cicatrice (via wheremythoughtsare)

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There’s nothing I want more than waking up in bed next to you, legs intertwined and fingers locked. I want you to pull me closer and let me whisper into your ear how much I love and adore you while you’re still half asleep.
I want to wake up with you (via unpoeticheartbreak)

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